Outstanding. Flawless. Stunning.

I didn’t say that! My clients did… 😁

What I Do

I can, basically, do everything, but..



Hey, I’m Allen

With various skills in web design, graphics, and general arts, coupled with my passion for story telling, I’ve been able to merge it all into my brand refining products specifically pictures and videos..

3 Random Facts about me 

  • I love music and anything art related
  • I’m also a certified Project Manager (PMP), which means that I’d definitely manage your project efficiently.
  • I am a foodie! If you will like to discuss business, we could definitely meet at a restaurant lol.


I focus on telling stories regardless of what I am shooting. My pictures showcases the awesomeness of cityscapes, the beauty in people, and the love stories in weddings.


My team and I include storytellers, script writer, cinematographer, director all with the aim to turn an idea into something people can watch, relate to and enjoy.


works got most attention

I am always shooting, and I will update once in a while, but you can definitely follow my social media handles for consistent content. Regardless, check out my recent photos.


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Beautify your house with these prints

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The Gooderham Building

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The City’s Heart

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Kennedy Subway